Our Ultimate Vacation Paradise

Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

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Over the years we have vacationed at numerous places. But several years ago, we found the ultimate destination. Cabo is on the very southern tip of Baja California. By air, it is only 2.5 hours from San Francisco and one time zone over. Rather than wasting a travel day to get to most other places, we can get to Cabo in hours, with plenty of day left for fun.
[Arial view of CSL]
Sea of Cortez (foreground)
Pacific Ocean (background)

Cabo Facts

  • 360 days of annual sunshine
  • Convenient non-stop flights from the Bay Area
  • Sailfish fishing capital of the world
  • Whales Galore!
We bought a two week timeshare at the new Playa Grande Resort. Because we bought it, early, before it was even actually built, we had a wide selection of rooms and dates. Many believe that we have the best unit in the complex owing to its large size and beach front access. We purposefully chose January, the height of the whale season and temperatures in the mid 70's.
[Playa Grande]

Our Condo

  • Two bedroom, Three bathroom Deluxe Unit
  • Sleeps 8 people
  • On private Solomar Beach, near land's end
  • Easy walking distance to Downtown
  • The largest swimming pool in Latin America (when complete)