In November Kali and Nancy took a trip to London
A very tired Kali arrives in London after a very long flight Buckingham Palace
Poising with the guard at Buckingham Palace Kali’s favorite thing was seeing the musical “Mamma Mia”
It was a beautiful day Kali at Winsor Castle
Kali and Nancy at Winsor Castle We walked across the Tower Bridge at night
After Thanksgiving, Ron & Nancy took a trip to Sydney, Australia
The Sydney Opera House and The Harbor Bridge We climbed to the top of the bridge and were rewarded with a spectacular view
Our winter is Australia's summer The weather was great
What’s This? A New Car!!
My 1998 Mustang GT Convertible
White with a tan top and tan leather interior
Why is Kali driving my car?
A V8 (Oh Baby!!) and it only
has 23,000 miles on it
In California, we can drive with the top down in winter and soak up the sun